Reduction of power consumption


To due an analysis of the energy consumption in connection with a paper impregnation plant with more impregnation lines. The analysis was required in connection with the erection of an exhaust gas treatment plant in order to save power and to avoid an expensive expansion of the power supply.


  1. The production should continue unaffected during the analysis
  2. A cost benefit analysis concerning all initiatives should be included in the final report
  3. It should be possible to implement all initiatives within 6 months without affecting the production


First, we were listing the installed equipment and the specified power consumption. This approach was providing us with two main power consumers; the exhaust gas fans and the planned exhaust gas treatment plant. Based on this we were designing a measurement campaign in order to identify were power could be saved. Based on our measurements we could conclude that it was possible to reduce the power consumption of the exhaust gas fans significantly by controlling the flow with variable frequency drives instead of controlling the flow by valves. Furthermore, we were able to reduce the exhaust gas to be treated with about 50 %, because a serve part of the exhaust did not have to be treated, due to very low concentrations of VOC. Our final report showed that it was possible to save about 500.000 kWh per year with a payback period of less than 6 months. The reduction of the exhaust gas treatment plant size could save about 1 million euro in investment costs and about 30.000 euro operating costs per year. Finally, the plant was using the very good results in connection with there “Green Plant” strategy.

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