Experimental facilitiy

What is an experimetal facility?

An experimental facility is a piece of equipment used for obtaining basic parameters, for instance a scale is an experimental facility. The experimental facility is normally situated in a laboratory and is very often operated with less than a few grams of material. Furthermore, is the experimental facility characterised by, that it does not have to look or operate like a production facility, which means that a very broad range of solutions are available for the design of the experimental facility. Very often are experimental facilities combined into a procedure which is used in connection with a wide range of decisions in an organization, like, for instance, proposal preparation, innovation efforts, production control, etc. Since the experimental data are obtained using equipment and procedures that are not resampling the equipment used in the production, it is extremely important to know how the experimental data are to be interpreted in order to avoid misleading conclusions which can result in significantly economic damage. The main reasons for using experimental facilities are that it is a very cost-efficient way to gain knowledge about what you are doing or what you are planning to do. Moreover, is it often not possible to obtain data and knowledge in a larger scale due to, for instance, time limitations or a lack of raw materials.

How are we supporting you

Independent of your challenge we can help you on with developing your experimental facilities and procedures. Below we have summarised some of the areas where we are able to support you.

  • Development of new experimental facilities and procedures
  • Optimization and validation of existing facilities and procedures
  • An independent inquiry of experimental data
  • Commissioning of your new equipment
  • Evaluation of experimental data

    (for instance by drawing up correlations between experimental and production data)

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